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Homer and Penelope
|  94 min

A man and woman discover the beauty and devastation that await when they revisit a special place from
childhood. This meditation on memory, regret, and art follows two wandering souls as they dig up
the past, ponder the future, and confront the joys and pains of life over the course of a single day.

Written and directed by Danny Powell
Produced by Arthur Hurley and Danny Powell
Executive produced by Andy Kuester

*The screenplay earned Powell selection as a 2013 Edward Albee Fellow.

The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm
  |  30 min

Inspired by a true story, The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm follows one man’s
journey across an urban landscape in search of something, with nothing but the clothes on his
back and all his worldly possessions in his hands and at his feet.

Written and directed by Danny Powell

Keeping the Lights On
  |  22-episode series

A documentary series about artists and their day jobs

Directed by Danny Powell